Instructors Workshop with Falko Zander in Berlin (Germany)

Are you an instructor? Receive special attention and knowledge!

About Falko Zander
Director & Chief Instructor Europe

Falko Zander
Martial artist, Instructor, Self-starter

Martial artist with over 25 years of experience – Falko started martial arts in 1993 and since then trained many different martial arts.

Instructor – Falko is inspiring his students with his kind behavior and his extraordinary methodology. He teached at universities, in sport unions, sport clubs and for security professionals.

Self-starter – Many-times Founder, Member of the Board, Acting Partner and Director of different organizations. Falko is performing extraordinarily to spread martial arts.

Seminar details:

Where & When

14. October 2017
Berlin, Germany


– Advanced training drill
– Knife training
– Self-defense applications

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This workshop is for (ongoing) instructors only. It is your chance to receive special attention and knowledge. Indept information, small group training – everything you need.

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