Seminar with Falko Zander in Helsinki (Finland)

Join the seminar with Falko Zander in Helsinki, train with one of the biggest groups in Europe and get to know about advanced Systema training and fighting applications!

About Falko Zander
Director & Chief Instructor Europe

Falko Zander
Martial artist, Instructor, Self-starter

Martial artist with over 25 years of experience – Falko started martial arts in 1993 and since then trained many different martial arts.

Instructor – Falko is inspiring his students with his kind behavior and his extraordinary methodology. He teached at universities, in sport unions, sport clubs and for security professionals.

Self-starter – Many-times Founder, Member of the Board, Acting Partner and Director of different organizations. Falko is performing extraordinarily to spread martial arts.

Seminar details:

Where & When

29. September – 01. October 2017
Helsinki, Finland


– Relaxation & Flexibility
– Basic training work & fighting principles
– Main defense drill
– Advanced hip work and strike defense
– From steps to inner work
– Very soft work

Join now:

This seminar is for everyone who is looking for realistic self-defense! Join now, discover yourself, extend your own possibilities!

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